Our purpose is to change the lives of youth who live in Richmond's public housing projects.


We use cycling as our platform for change. We infuse ourselves; our passion, our values, our creativity, our drive, and our dedication into the lives of our youth. We have fun. We laugh. We teach. We learn. We promise our youth, that if they stay with Richmond Cycling Corps, they will get out of public housing. We will never break our promise. We will never become set in our ways; we will always be dynamic in our approach to changing youthlives. We are fearless in our approach to our purpose. We will not become tangled in red-tape, policy, politics, and talking heads. We will always deliver action, not messaging. Life is too short, and we, including our youth, have a lot to accomplish. We will always be passionate towards our purpose.

Richmond Cycling Corps: Can't Stop. Won't Stop.




Lauren Kern

Lauren grew up in a teacher's family 100% sure teaching was not for her. Many years, class bells, tests, notes, quizzes, whiteboard markers, and labs later, students are her passion. Whether leading them in a learning activity or getting out of their way while they figure it out for themselves, she focuses on showing the students that they can own their own education and grow in power, love, and a sound mind through it. 


B.S Biology, Bob Jones University

M.ENVS, Virginia Commonwealth University

M.T. Science Education, Virginia Commonwealth University

Awards and Recognition

2018-2019 Armstrong Teacher of the Year

2017 NBC 12 March Excellence in Education Award

2016 Virginia Association of Science Teachers Biology Award

2014 Richard J. Rezba Scholarship Recipient for Science Education

2013 VCU Environmental Studies Outstanding Graduate Student 

2009 Outstanding Biology Graduate

2009 Who's Who among American College Students

Matt Kuhn

Matt Kuhn is Richmond Cycling Corps' youth programming coordinator. Matt came on board in February 2015 as a full-time staff member, but has been a steadfast volunteer since virtually the first days of RCC. He now serves as the head coach for the Martin Luther King Middle School cycling team, as well as assistant coach for the Armstrong High School team. He is also the maintenance supervisor at the Armstrong Bike Park. 

Matt is an Eagle Scout and Wilderness First Responder. He rode his bike across the United States in 2010, and is a longtime volunteer with the World T.E.A.M. Sports adaptive cycling program. When not working with RCC, Matt enjoys racing and riding every type of bike known to man, playing the banjo, and taking his dog Kona on backpacking/kayaking/cycling adventures.


BS Sociology — Virginia Commonwealth University


Board of Directors

Sandy Ting

Chair of the Board / Faculty, Collegiate School

Jeff Kelley

Client Service Partner, Thought Logic Consulting

Melanie Britton

Director - Tax, Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Inc.


Matt Kuhn

Vice-Chair of the Board / Administrative Coordinator, AJCES

Toby Desch

Treasurer / Executive Director, UPRVA

Mary Desch

Secretary / Director of Graduate Support and Placement, AJCES

Bennett Johnson

Principal Consultant, Matchstick Solutions