Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

We re-engineer the behavioral and developmental gaps that are prevalent among youth in public housing. We use bicycles, hard training, and tough love to accomplish this monumental task. From top to bottom, we operate in a different way, with a different approach, in a unique style. It’s hard to articulate this ‘style,’ but it’s made from holding our youth accountable, expanding their world, constant evolution of our programming, infusion of our distinct personalities, and broadcasting a knuckles down work ethic. As an organization, including our youth, our battle cry is 'Can't Stop. Won't Stop.'



The term portfolio is often designated towards a ‘group of investments’ — and at Richmond Cycling Corps, that’s exactly how we view our operations — as a group of social investments.

About Us

Cycling is our platform for change. We have fun. We laugh. We teach. We learn. We promise our youth that if they stay with Richmond Cycling Corps, they will get out of public housing.


Whether it's donating time and funds or cheering on our team at the races, your support has a significant impact to help further our 501-C3 non-profit organization's mission.